Your Name Mexican Restaurant

Your Name Mexican Restaurant

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Your Name Mexican Restaurant

Since You May Want to Know About Us ...

Websites for Mexican Restaurants is a Best Way Websites brand.

Best Way Websites is main brand licensee of the inc website design software and website content management system (CMS).

A Little History ...

Best Way Websites was born in Port Angeles, Washington in 1998.  That was way back when the company was still selling dial up internet and website hosting.

We began beta testing our V1.0 of our website editor with live clients in November of 2004 and Gordy's Pizza & Pasta was our first client.  We are happy that they are still with us!

We have continued to add to our CMS every month since then, adding features and making changes based upon the feedback we received from our clients.

Early in 2016, we began the task of rewriting our entire program from the ground up using the bootstrap framework.

In January of 2017, we began beta testing the new website editor and CMS with live clients.  We are very pleased with how the new CMS is being received and are migrating our clients from the former system each week.

All new clients that we reach are being served by the new cms now.

We have a unique way of marketing our business. 

Authorized Private Label Licensees

The Best Way Websites website builder and content management system is only available through an authorized, private label licensee.  We work with you in conjunction with an authorized licensee. 

Authorized licensees may operate via two types of licenses: geographically distributed or non-geographically distributed.

We also have a robust affiliates program.  Our affiliates are always connected to a licensee.

Our Private Label Program

Licensees are individuals (entrepreneurs) or companies that purchase a license of our software (using their own label) to either add an additional service and revenue stream to their existing business or to create a new one.

They are supported directly by inc and there are many different licensing options - one that will suit any desired business type.

If you are interested in becoming a licensee, just give us a call.

Welcome to the World's Only Website Designer CMS Hybrid

Welcome to BestWay Websites, home of no-nonsense website development and marketing programs for small business owners.

Whether you are preparing to develop your first website or wanting to improve an existing one, Best Way Websites has programs that will help you win on the world wide web.

We truly specialize in creating attractive, functional and affordable website design, development and internet marketing solutions for small business owners - just like you.

Give us a Chance to Earn Your Trust

We offer free learning resources, free consultations and the most incredible FREE and Custom Website Demonstrations without obligation.  You can see some of our work by visiting our portfolio, but we've got something far better than a portfolio!

Let us Show You What We can Do For You FREE

Just complete this form to request a free, custom website demonstration and we'll create a site for you to see for FREE.  If you like it, and it is within your budget, you may purchase it.  If you don't like it, then you are not obligated.  If you like it, but can't afford it, we offer Easy Payment Plans, too!

Website Design & Development: Form & Function

We create attractive and affordable websites that really work for our clients with construction starting at just $99.  Our websites are lean and clean, fully compliant HTML with .php file extensions.

The look and feel and consistency of our sites from page to page is controlled by external style sheets (CSS).  Our sites are developed with the proprietary pajezy program (we are authorized licensees) and result in clean and professional looking websites.

Almost all of our clients purchase a subscription service to our award winning CMS (website content management system) which is a super user-friendly and feature-rich program. 

Website Hosting

We provide HIGH QUALITY HOSTING at a fair price.  We make no attempt to be cheap or to win business by price.  Our prices are less than some and more than others, but are worth every penny of what we charge and more.  (hosting only starts at $15/mo with a FREE domain)

We maintain our own, dedicated servers in well-equipped, stable, high-throttle datacenters.

Webmaster Service

As already mentioned, almost all of our clients prefer to use our CMS and maintain their own websites with our support.  However, if you are simply not interested in doing your own website updates, we can provide them for you as well.

Best Way Websites